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  Kaimei Chemical Science and Technology (Nantong) Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing chemical products. In accordance with the tenet that science and technology can create beautiful life, the company has the courage to exploit and innovate, takes initiative, and keeps on succeeding in development. Since the establishment of the company, the company, depend on the advanced technology and the support of first-class technical and personnel, has developed to be a high technology enterprise engages in research, development, manufacture and trade in chemical products. Now, the company mainly produce serious products of flame retardant including brominated epoxy resin, chlorine-free red phosphorus masterbach, Brominated polycarbonate, Tris(tribromophenyl) cyanurate, and paints including inorganic zinc silicate primer, fire-retardant coating, high temperature resistant coating and so on..
  The company has the production capability of 5000 tons Brominated epoxy resin per year, 2000 tons Red Phosphorus Masterbatches per year, and 10000 tons Inorganic Zinc Silicate primer per year, ranking the first place in China and the forefront abroad. The company has got good reputation in the field. Now the company is the member of CFRS (China Flame Retardant Society) and CEPIA (China Engineering Plastic Industry Association). And the company has been certified by ISO14001, ISO9001: 2000 and China Classification Society.
  The company is actively shaping the enterprise culture considering talent as the center of service. We are devoted to manufacturing perfect products with high quality in order to meet the needs of the clients. Thus, we received high compliments from the clients. The company is constantly strengthening the internal management of the enterprise and has passed the ISO14000 authentication, adopting such management means such as zero defects and 5S etc. in order to improve the management standard. The products accord with the demands of environmental protection from European Union ROHS and other world corporations and have passed the check of the professional technical institution.
  We not only concern the future of our company but the future of our cooperating partners. Creating value for our partners is our incessant great goal.


  The symbol takes KAIMEI ( the phonetic alphabet) as design element. And the letter M is transformed to be the molecular structure in the chemical industry, which reflects the industry speciality of chemistry and technology. The negative form M and the positive form circularity interact with the dynamic arc below, which forms a scene that the sun is rising gradually from the horizon. It stands for the effulgence and empressement of the enterprise. The blue in the symbole represents the blue sky, and the green means the green ground. Such symbolization is proper to the conception of human oriented and enviromental protection.