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Introduction of Brominated Epoxy Resin
The introduction of KRP type of Red phosphorus sterbatch
¡¡Introduction of Brominated Epoxy Resin
¡¡Brominated Epoxy Resin (BE OR BEO) has been widely applied in electron, automobile, office equipment, household electric appliances, ect. for its good electric quality and its physical and mechanical properties. Furthermore, with its excellent melting flow rate, high efficiency of inflaming retarding, good heat and light stability, as well as the excellent mechanical properties, thus£¬BE is widely used as flame retardant with PBT, PET, ABS, Nylon 66, thermosplastic polyurethane and PC/ABS plastic alloy.
¡¡With high content of bromine, Brominated Epoxy Resin is especially suitable for flame retardant to of the pressing board in paper base and cloth base. The serious products of Brominated Epoxy Resin products can meet the inflaming retarding demands of different materials such as pouring materials, maceration materials, coating and adhensine agent and so on.
¡¡According to the structures of the terminal group, Brominated Epoxy Resin can be classified into two types: EP and EC. EP type posses excellent climate endurance, while EC type posses outstanding speciabilities of heat and light stability, good fluidity, good HDT and drawing of patterns.

¡¡Chemical Name
En glish Name:Brominated Epoxy Oligomers or Brominated Epoxy Resin
Type EC Structural Formula:CAS NO.£º68928-70-1
Type EC Structural Formula:CAS NO.£º139638-58-7 135229-48-0
Properties: not dissolving in water, alcohol, dimethylbenzene, butanone ect. but dissolving in DMF and ethylene glycol dimethyl ether ect.

¡¡Typical Properties
¡ñHigh heat stability and anti-degrodation
¡ñOutstanding processing quality
¡ñNo blooming
¡ñHigh UV stability
¡ñNo corrosion quality

¡¡Quality Index of the Typical Products

Appearance: white powder
Bromine content : 52%
Molecular weight: 10000
Specific gravity: 1.80
Melting temperature range:175-185¡æ(M.P)
Color value: (10%dioxane, APHA) 100
TGA %wt loss:
1%£¨wt£© 330¡æ 5%£¨wt£© 340¡æ 10%£¨wt£©352¡æ
KBE-2025 (polymer)

Appearance: white to yellow granule
Bromine content :53%
Molecular weight: 25000
Specific gravity: 1.80
Melting temperature range: 175-185¡æ(M.P)
Color vaule: (10% dioxane. APHA) 100
TGA %wt loss:1%£¨wt£© 337¡æ
5%£¨wt£© 344¡æ 10%£¨wt£©351¡æ
KBE-3010K (polymer)

Appearance: white to yellow granule
Bromine content :53%
Molecular weight: 10000
Specific gravity: 1.90
Melting temperature range: 175-190¡æ(M.P)
Color vaule: (10% dioxane. APHA) 100
TGA %wt loss:1%£¨wt£© 338¡æ
5%£¨wt£© 340¡æ 10%£¨wt£©354¡æ

¡¡Application Features of Brominated Epoxy Resin of Type

General Introduction
¡¡Brominated Epoxy Resin as flaming retardant in plastics possess many merits such as low toxicity,enviroment-friendly and so on. It overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional flaming retardant such as low fluidity,bed compatibility , and producing brominated dihydro-leucolin while burning. Therefore, it meets the requirements of flaming retardant applied to the electron and electric appliances and automobiles etc. electronic Brominated Epoxy Resin is mainly used in manufacturing FR-4 steel boards and multi-layers electrical insulating boards in order to improve the function of preventing from ultraviolet rays and strengthening the fluorescence. The electrical Brominated Epoxy Resin with high purity is mainly used in the resin system with high content of Bromine and in the electric field with high qualities and high reliabilities.

Application Properties of the Products
¡¡KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin developed by Kaimei Chemical Science and Technology (Nantong) Co. Ltd. also possess the following advantages:
1.Non-blooming and Good Compatibility
¡¡Although the low molecule bromide compounds such as TBBA, DBDPO possess good property of inflaming retarding, small amount of Bromine oozing out while heating causes corrosion to the mold as well as the metal contact points of the electrical parts. However, The flaming retardant of KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin have no such defects.
KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin possess excellent compatibility, with a lot of plastics such as PS, PBT, ABS Resin, PC/ABS, PBT/ABS alloy, ect.
2. Excellent Heat Stability
¡¡The processing temperature of engineering plastics is above 230 ¡æ, higher than that of the all-purpose plastics, while the heat stability by using the bromide with low molecule is worse than that by using KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin. The decomposition temperature of KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin is above 300 ¡æ. Furthermore, the decomposition temperature increases as the molecular weight increases.
3.The Least Change of Chromatism (¡÷H) (See diagram 1)
¡¡When various flaming retardants are added into the PBT with 30% glass fiber injected to samples at the temperature of 270¡æ for 20 min, the Chromatism has the least change by using Brominated Epoxy Resin with high molecular weight as the flaming retardants.
4. The effect on the physical properties of polymer
¢Å The Relation of Thermalstability with Molecular Weight
¡¡As the molecular weight of KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin increases,thermostabile of the KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin, the temperature of modified polymers increases too.
¢Æ The Relation of Mechanical Strength with Molecular Weight
¡¡As the molecular weight of KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin increases, the rate of water absorption is decreasing, and the temperature of heat deformation is becoming better. It also can improve the property of the shocking intensity of PC/ABS.
¢Ç Excellent weatherability (See Diagram 2)
¡¡Because of the high demand of color and luster protection on the appearance of the instrument and equipment, the change of the plastics Chromatism filled flaming retardants is great important . As diagram 2 shows, various flaming retardants are added in the samples of ABS resin, then the samples were put outdoor and compared them with the original sample to see the extent of being yellowish. The diagram shows that DBDPO and TBBA is more liable to become yellow than Brominated Epoxy Resin. Brominated Epoxy Resin of KBE type endures the climate chang well.
5. Excellent Mixture Capability with Other Resins
¡¡In order to make resin have effective inflaming retardanting capability, the content of Bromine must reach the range from 13% to 15%. The content of Bromine in KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin can reach above 53%, therefore, KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin can mix with many other resins. Thus, effective inflaming retardanting can be maintained and better flexibility or other properties can be obtained as well.
6. KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin is better than other flaming retatdants in corrosion, oozing of Bromine, heat endurance and flow rate of the melting objects.
7. Improving the transference quality of copper endurance (especially for printing circuit board)
8.No toxicity
¡¡KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin is polymer. Almost no poisonous substance will be produced whether in proceies of pelleting and burning. As for the commonly used bromide with low molecular weight, such as DBDPO and TBBA, their poisonous elements cannot reach the specification.

¡¡ All-purpose flaming retardants are generally mixing or filling type, i.e. the components of flaming retardants are dispersed in the plastics in physical state. When the recruitment increases, the quality of products decreases. However, KBE Brominated Epoxy Resin belongs to reaction type. The flaming retardants in it can finally combine with the molecular chain in other resins, therefore, its inflaming retardanting is stable and not disappear easily.

Application Fields

KBE and KMB Brominated Epoxy Resin as flaming retardants can not only replace common epoxy resins and but also possess excellent property of inflaming retarding .so it is widely applied in many fields.
1. Series of styrene Resins (ABS, PS, PC/ABS)
2. Engineering Plastics (PET, PBT, PA66)
3. Thermosetting Resins (Phenolic Resins, Unsaturated Polyesters)
4. Electron and electric field (printing circuit board, insulation powder, coating and electric layer board, etc.)
5. Semiconductor Sealing Material

The formulation Recommended¡¡
The following formulation are recommended for plastics flame retardants


KBE-3014K KBE-2016
KBE-3020 KBE-2015K KBE-2025K
PBT 49.8       55 55
    73 73    
Glass fiber
Flame retardant
12 16 18 18 13.6 13.6
Antimony trioxide 7.5 5 6 6 6 6
V-0       V-0 V-0
V-0 V-0 V-0 V-0    
Melting Index            
g/10min,200¡æ-5Kg   9(9.4) 25(10) 25(10)    
20       24 22
Unnotched impact strength
V Notched impact strength   19.0(38.5)     57 54
Tensile strength 110 27.4(30.9) 47 46 102 105
2 35(55) 8.5 9.9 2.1 2.1
Flexural strength
1.2¡Á104 2.16¡Á103 2.4¡Á103 2.45¡Á103 8.6¡Á103 8.7¡Á103

¡¡Solid Brominated Epoxy Resin adopts the paper and plastics compound package. The net weight for each package is 25 kg. We can also pack our products according to the needs of the clients.

¡¡Storage and Transportationg
¡¡Brominated Epoxy Resin is steady at the normal circumstance. The products should be put in dry room with closed container or tied pocket. Solid Brominated Epoxy Resin can be stored and transported as products without any poison and danger. Liquid Brominated Epoxy Resin should avoid direct sunlight, be far from heat sources, insulate from fire and store and transport as hazardous materials.

¡¡Attention point While Using
¡¡Avoid the contact with skin and eyes. Not inhaling the powder and solution. Wear the work clothes, gloves, blinkers and mask.